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Starry Mag interviews Viva Bianca
Published on: 1 February 2012

ImageQ. What are some of the recent projects that you've been working on?

A. I did a couple of movies and a show in between season one and season two of "Spartacus," but "Spartacus" has definitely taking up most of my time for the past few years.

Q. What can you tease is new this season for the show and about your character?

A. I think I was real lucky to have been cast in the role of Ilithyia. She first appeared in season one and kind of came across as ditzy, young, naïve, spoiled, and brattish. Then, as the show progressed, she revealed herself to be a lot more cunning, intelligent, and even evil. As we entered season two the great thing is her dimensions just continue to expand and I'm really happy to say that I think she's become a really fully rounded human being. Something to tease about the show, Ilythia is pregnant at the beginning of this year and that leads to a whole lot of questions, and then a massive secret to be revealed. She has a very good reason for keeping it.

Q. What is it about your role that you continue to find challenging?

A. You know, that's a really good question because an actor you are taught show your emotions, your emotional experience in your mind, and it can be really draining when you're having to go and kind of build up these experiences to give to your character. Where does it come from? I suppose most actors have a wide range of life experience and then you just draw upon whatever is needed in the moment to bring truth to the character.

Q. Did the chemistry with the cast come naturally or did it take some time to develop?

A. Really, the two actors that I work mostly with are Lucy Lawless and Craig Parker. My character's relationships are with the character Lucretia and then my character’s husband, Glaber. I felt from the minute I met these guys there was a chemistry for me. Then working with Lucy is like a life-long friendship. She’s been an incredible mentor for me on the show, and also a real friend. So it's such a pleasure to go to work and act along side these people, and Craig as well, who plays my husband. I mean we just from the very first time we stepped on set we just slipped into this so relaxed, easy relationship then as husband and wife, you know, we can be argumentative, or gentle and romantic, or manipulative. Our character's relationship goes through a very huge array of changes.

Q. Do you have a really memorable moment from filming the show?

A. There are so many funny things that happen on this show because, of course, it's a very risqué series so we are asked to do some scenes that to any actor would be confronting, and at times, it is hilarious. Craig is my husband and I had to do many intimate scenes with him, and there just were times that we couldn’t stop laughing. There was one time in particular where I had him pinned against a wall and was proceeding to make passionate love to him, and I had to call cut before the director did and ran off set while in hysterical laughter. Good thing I work with such nice people because it would be really uncomfortable to do scenes like that if they were assholes.

Q. You're on the social networking site Twitter, what kind of feedback from the show have you been getting?

A. I wasn't on Twitter or Facebook for season one so I didn't have that experience then, but now that we are about to premiere season two I'm not as stringent. I do have a Facebook account for fans, and I do have a Twitter account. I'm sure I will have a greater insight on the whole experience then, but I definitely have had a kind of momentum on these social networking sites that leading up to the premiere. The fans are getting me excited, and discussing it, and wanting information and all of that which is cool. Really, it's just incredible to have the support of the fans. The whole ensemble of the "Spartacus" cast are very grateful for their support.The feeling with the passing of Andy and the tragedy that has effected our whole production, we're very aware that this effected all of the fans and the industry alike, so for people to continue to support our show means a lot to all of us.

Q. Do you have a personal website where those interested can go to keep up with you you?

A. It's, and then through that website you can find out the show Facebook fan page.

Q. What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A. I just want to say that I am incredibly humbled by everyone that has supported me and loves the show.