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Movie Reviews for Viva's Movie "X"
Published on: 5 August 2011

Viva's movie "X" has received some excellent reviews...

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For once the suspense is real, June 18, 2011
By James M. Rawley

Just saw this on Pay Per View. Tremendously exciting, very realistic about a prostitute's life, and -- best of all -- there's real suspense. The audience is never certain who, if anyone, will survive. Some people complain that characters in movies of this sort are not likable, but I think it's made very clear that the two lead women are in a profession that leaves them no time to be likable. Both of them do a tremendous job.

The action came a little thick and fast. I don't think I'd have accepted so many coincidences if they had all turned out in the heroines' favor. And the young prostitute was written both a little too naive and a little too generous. That's worth taking off a star, but I haven't seen such a tense movie in years, nor one that worked so well. Compared with this the typical Hollywood action flick is pure comic book.

'X' Hits All the Right Thriller Marks

The world’s oldest profession meets the planet’s first felony in the excellent Australian “erotic” thriller X. A wonderfully noir-ish effort from co-writer/director Jon Hewitt (and available via IFC On Demand and limited theatrical release on 8 April), this is a movie that exposes the sleazy underbelly of Sydney as only a native can. There is a cancer Downunder, and it breeds in strip clubs, hour rate motels, dirty street corners, and oddly enough, in the high rise exclusivity of depraved upper class society. This is a world awash in purposeful white slavery, where young girls see no other alternative than to sell their bodies for cash. Within this desperate dynamic sits Holly (Viva Bianca), an sex for rent performer who balances her trade between the occasional rich john and the bored housewives of the suburbs. She’s hoping to escape, but she will soon learn just how many impediments there are to “getting out.”

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