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UGO Interviews Viva About Spartacus Season 2 - 06 May 2011
Published on: 7 May 2011

ImageSpartacus' Viva Bianca Spills on Blood, Sand, and Vengeance!

UGO talks to Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Viva Bianca to get the spill on the villainous Ilithiya, and what to expect from season two, the officially re-titled Spartacus: Vengeance!

The wait for news of Spartacus' return to Starz has been a daunting one particularly with the grave news of Andy Whitfield's illness preventing him from returning for season two, among the other recastings.

We've all wondered just what shape the series will take, and how Liam McIntyre will fit into the picture as Andy's replacement. So how long do we have to wait? How about right now!

Earlier we had a chance to speak to Blood and Sand star Viva Bianca, the villainous Ilithyia herself on her new call girl IFC thriller X, as well as what to expect from Spartacus: Vengeance! Check it out!

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