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UGO Interviews Viva On IFC Film X 05 May 2011
Published on: 6 May 2011

ImageSpartacus' Viva Bianca Steams in Call Girl Thriller 'X'

UGO talks to Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Viva Bianca to get the sexy story on her adults-only IFC Films call girl thriller X.

Viva Bianca has a illustrious talent for playing sexual, confident women struggling to shine out from under the shadow of imposing men.

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand star took the time to shoot lead role Holly Rowe of IFC Films call-girl drama X, available on-demand now, and we at UGO had a chance to speak to the lovely Australian actress on both the film, and Spartacus' future.

Directed by Jon Hewitt (Acolytes), X follows Holly as a high-priced call girl taking on one last night before running away to Paris, only to find herself embroiled with corrupt cops in a drug deal gone south. Observing the similarities between Holly's feminine strength and her Spartacus character Ilithyia, Bianca noted:

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