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Spartacus Episode 10 Review 27 March 2010
Published on: 26 March 2010

Spartacus Blood and Sand Episode 10 Review
By MaryD


ImageEpisode 10: Party Favors

The celebration of Numerius' 15th birthday brings about unexpected consequences as he is given liberty to control gladiators as if they were his own

Favourite quote: "You are an ass" - Mira to Spartacus

Wow. Batiatus has rocks in his head for allowing a 15 year old to have control of his gladiators! Just when I think the man is smart and ruthless, he does something so stupid, so idiotic. This was one of his idiotic moves.

Forcing a man to kill his only friend in the ludus; It's tantamount to signing all their death warrants. Make no mistake...Sparty is going to exact his revenge. I'm going to be cheering when he does.

ImageI want to say I want Ilithyia's head. I'm not usually bloodthirsty nor wish any ill towards anyone normally but Illythia is not human. I would love Spartacus to do the the arena. I'll bring the popcorn.

I'm surprised at myself for writing that but this episode made me sad, mad and out for Ilithyia blood. The woman is devoid of any sense of humanity. Her hatred for Spartacus is so beyond reasonable. Sparty didn't even kill her husband and she's on a rampage. Goodness knows what she would have done if he got rid of the Legate.

This episode was supposed to make you feel. If you didn't feel anything then check if you have a heart or a pulse. I know Illythia doesn't. Going after a 15 year old boy to achieve her ultimate goal of hurting Spartacus is below par even for Illythia but that's where she ended up. Seducing a 15 year old how desperate and utterly devoid of any morals is this woman! I don't blame the kid. Like any 15 year old, he didn't actually care; he got his birthday present a little early.

I ADORE Viva Bianca. I'm shocked that I had never seen her in anything before. She's an Aussie and yet has totally bypassed my attention. That's going to be corrected. Viva did an OUTSTANDING job. When a character makes you want to reach out and throttle them, then you know it's one hell of a great character. Kudos to Viva.

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