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Viva Bianca Interview Spartacus' baddest bad girl Ilithyia
Published on: 1 February 2010

ImageSlight spoiler alert; if you read between the lines, go no further.

Spartacus nation swells weekly with the layers of story the writers have heaped on top of each other for Starz original series, "Spartacus" Blood and Sand."

No castmember is more complex, vexing or as unpredictable as Ilithyia, played to the hilt by Aussie flaxen-haired beauty, Viva Bianca.

It is our seemingly vapid and oblivious Ilithyia whose actions will greatly color the rest of season one, as she continues her house guest crashing ways on Lucretia, her frenemy and facilitator of all potential gladiator trysts.

Ilithyia plays the typical blond role well, but make no mistake, she is clever, cunning and has ice water flowing in her patrician veins.

Viva Bianca plays the young Roman noblewoman Ilithyia in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” set in the brutal Roman gladiator era. The spoiled, selfish daughter of Senator Albinius is also the loyal wife of Legatus Claudius Glaber. She may be trolling for male flesh, but her heart belongs 100% to her "gone on Roman business" Glabby.

This past week was tough for our Spartacus (Andy Whitfield). Duplicity is the modus operandi of Batiatus' (John Hannah) ludus. Who to trust, who to fear, all these things now will weigh heavily on Spartacus as his wife has died in his arms, and Batiatus continues to manipulate him to his end.

But there is a thorn in Batiatus' side as well, as he and his wife Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) continue to entertain the never departing guest, our fair Ilithyia.

There's a price to pay for her valuable friendship. Ilithyia will exact that pound of flesh.

As Batiatus and Lucretia continue their social climbing, entertaining the Magistrate and the Roman snooty snoots along with Ilithyia, their ludus serves as the hippest hot spot in all of Capua, replete with glistening male flesh that does the bidding of their Roman overlords.

Ilithyia engages in a subtle power struggle with Lucretia (Lucy Lawless), whilst admiring the attributes of the gladiators, yet harbors deep-seated ill-will towards Spartacus.

Monsters and Critics was fortunate to catch up with Viva Bianca and chat about all things Spartacus.

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